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Model Loses 150,000 Followers After Bravely Posting ‘Brutally Honest Photos’


Model Loses 150,000 Followers After Bravely Posting ‘Brutally Honest Photos’

Natalia Lozano, or ‘Curvy Natalia Lozano,’ as she’s known on Instagram, enjoys posting photos of herself to social media that highlight her best physical features.

Natalia is a Spanish plus-size model, but her photos have begun to stir a lot of controversy
Natalia doesn’t feel the need to show off a skinny waist or sculpted arms. She’s happy with her body just the way it is, and isn’t afraid to flaunt what she’s got.

But the model recently had to shut down her account of more than 150,000 followers due to the high number of complaints being lodged against her on the platform.

Natalia said: ‘they cannot stand that I am sexy and confident. They call me fat and vulgar and accuse me of hypocrisy because I touch up my photos.’

She believes that the ‘hypocrisy’ and stigmas associated with plus-size models are more prevalent in her home country of Spain.

The moment you stand up as a sexy plus-size woman, you are judged and censored. However, in the United States, for example, plus-size models have lots of followers and are more widely accepted than in my own country.

Natalia said that there was an effort from people online to send complaints against her so that her account would be shut down. She has since started up a new account and has gained 14,000 new followers.

Accounts are usually shut down due to inappropriate content or when a user receives repeated complaints or flagging efforts from other people.

Natalia said that she would regularly get berated and abused online for her truthful and realistic photos and vows to ‘never throw in the towel.’
She said: ‘whatever people think of my body, I am indifferent. They are young people, the focus is on 18-19-20 years. I will not leave Instagram, they have not given me any solution or help, two weeks later I am waiting for what to do.’

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